Allison Tripp
"When I began the process of looking for my first home I was introduced to Debbie Jackson-Majko and everything that I was overwhelmed with just became a relief. She understood my budget, what I was 
for, and guided me to find my perfect home! The process was so easy and seamless. If I needed her, had a question, wanted to see a house asap she was there no excuses, nothing but helpful guidance. My experience with Debbie was nothing but wonderful and she was very supportive throughout the entire process and always kept me informed of any offers I made and where I stood. She was open, honest, and very reliable. I would recommend Debbie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is efficient and very intelligent on the market and works with clients to reach their needs. I have no doubt would do a phenomenal job for anyone!
Alyson Tripp 

Carmen Ramirez and Janice Remirez 
"We just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for helping us ith the sale of our home. Your professionalism, knowledge and quick response to all our questions/concerns during that process gave us peace of mind. We cannot believe you listed and closed our sale in 3 months!! You are a wonderful asset to your company and the business and will definitely recommend you to anyone with real estate needs.
Janice & Carmen"

Jung and James Lagrand
"We appreciate you so much. You make such a wonderful difference. Thank you for everything.
James and Jung Lagrand"

"Recently we decided to sell our home in Florida and move to North Carolina. We chose Debbie Jackson for our realtor. This was a great decision. She is one of the most dedicated people to her profession. She is honest, trustworthy and hard working, and determined to get the job done. She is very knowledgeable of the business and really strives to please the client. She sold our home in 18 days. If you want someone to get the job done get Debbie Jackson."

Brenda McGee
"My name is Brenda McGee and Debbie Jackson was my realtor. Debbie was a great team player in helping me sell my house. Debbie was very attentive in calling me with all updates on my house and any changes that were being made.

Debbie was also prompt in returning all my calls and had a lot of information for me when I needed to know something that was going on with my house. Sometimes it seemed scary to me with all the paperwork, but Debbie took her time with me to make sure I understood everything.

I'm pleased to say that Debbie Jackson was a blessing to work with. She sold my house in record time in my eyes. I could not have asked for a better person to help me out. I truly appreciate all the hard work Debbie did for me and her dedication.

Brenda McGee

Leon & Arlene Faust
"May 7, 2009

To whom it may concern:
Debbie Jackson-Majko is a true professional realtor with a positive business attitude who goes above and beyond what is required in order to provide clients with a sincere working relationship. Throughout one of the greatest times and probably one of the most stressful times in our lives, Debbie presented the genuine realtor expertise required to not only provide guidance with the sale of our house, but as well, the exponential due diligence for us to be able to purchase a house that met our strict requirements.

When showing houses in over a course of two days, Debbie provided her undivided time and attention listening to exactly what we wanted, and never pushed us to go beyond our general financing or criteria requirements. In addition, she stayed within our requested location areas and was more than willing to show us as many houses as we could fit into our time frame. With Debbie?s expertise we were able to find a house that fit our criteria and have an accepted offer at the end of the second day.

Even though Debbie was not able to be the listing agent for the house we were selling (due to us selling out of her marketing area), she was more than willing to provide answers to our questions regarding certain issues with the sale of our house. She was also very instrumental in contacting and keeping a line of communication open with our selling realtor in order to help us make sure all the paperwork, dates, and anything else required was being accomplished in a timely fashion. In addition, Debbie was especially involved in both the sale of our previous house and the purchase of our current home; she communicated not only with our selling realtor but also with each of the title agents, our mortgage lender, and anyone else involved with sale or purchase aspects. This is extraordinarily above and beyond the normal business realm; however, Debbie took it upon herself to help us in any way possible to make sure we had realized expectations with the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our current home, which presents a very true business person who knows their profession.

Overall, the working relationship Debbie portrayed was exceptionally positive, with phone calls and emails always answered right away or a reply within a short amount of time. Debbie understands the current real estate market environment, knowing not only current pricing trends, but also engineering standards of housing construction, including the features of the house and incorporates this into what a client should actually offer for the house. Debbie did not hesitate to show us certain minute details regarding property renovations and/or construction standards that might be overlooked by the buyer. In regards to these aspects, Debbie is a talented negotiator which provided us the edge needed to actually contract a price that was well below our expectations. There are many more positive aspects I could write, but would prove to be long of a letter for some. I can not think of anyone else I would want for a realtor than Debbie Jackson-Majko, as she has high regard for the clients she is working with and applies her true business sensibility to every requirement. We can not thank Debbie enough for the time an effort she expended on helping us with all our real estate needs.

Leon and Arlene Faust
Seminole, Florida"

Dan Sporer
"May 2009
In January 2009, my wife and I were ready to sell her father's condominium in Florida that we inherited. We live in New Jersey and needed a realtor that we could trust and communicate 1200 miles away.

On January 20, 2009, we signed a listing with Debbie Jackson-Majko who we just happened to stumble across, and never personally met. Debbie gave us many options such as staging and pricing scenarious before we signed. She then kept us informed of each showing and held open houses. On March 18, 2009, we received a fair offer for the condo and made the final settlement on April 24, 2009.

Debbie's hard work and communication skills played a key role in selling our property in this tough economic climate. We would definately recommended Debbie to other potential sellers and especially to anyone who might be selling their property from "long distance".

Dan Sporer

Mike & Angela Smith
"In 2004 my husband and I decided to sell our home in Largo Florida. Initially we had wanted to sell it ourselves, however, we were unsure of what the market was for our home at the time. A friend told us to call Debbie Jackson to see if she would come over and give us her expert opinion. We called her and the next day she came and told us what she would list our home at, all free of charge. After a few weeks with no activity, we decided to list our home with Debbie. Needless to say, our home had a contract within two weeks of listing it and would close the day we needed. Debbie continued to be in constant contact with us during the period from the time we signed the contract through to and including the day of closing. She kept us updated on the home inspection, termite and appraisal of our home to ease our minds and answer any questions we had. Since that time we have recommended Debbie to our friends who were selling their homes. They too were pleased with Debbie and her attentiveness, her marketing ability, and her knowledge of the real estate business. Debbie is a unique realtor, in that, she is never too busy to keep her clients informed of every step of the real estate process.

Angela and Michael Smith

Jay Droggitis
"I met Debbie in February of 2008 when we listed our house with her. She was always on our side and provided us with the best of service. Answered every questions and if she did not know the answer she got the answer for us. In the difficult housing market we were dealing with we know we were hard to deal with at times. But she never faltered in her top quality care for us. Once the house was under contract with a difficult goverment funding program she stayed on top of it all the way through closing and made it happen. At the same time looking for a new place for me to call home which she found for me. She handled both closing the same day with skill and professionalism. Even after the sale she stood by me in corrected a title company error. I called her and she took care of it and it was straightened out in no time. I would highly recommend her to any one house hunting or selling a home.

Jay Droggitis
Seminole, Florida

Kelvin Gonzalez
"I hired Debbie Jackson as a realtor to short sale my condo in Clearwater, Florida and she was the most amazing Realtor I have ever seen in action. It took nine months for this sale to go through and during that time on multiple occasions the possibilities of losing the sale due to all kinds of reasons were a constant challenge, however, Debbie never gave up. She worked out the challenges, found solutions, wrote emails and continued forward. Hiring her was the best choice I made on the process of selling my condo and I would highly recommend her.


Kelvin Gonzalez

Marc Winans
"I hired Debbie after, 6 months with another agent and no results. Debbie stayed in constant contact with me keeping me advised of market conditions, always available to show the property and providing me with feedback from all showings. She guided me through the entire transaction with a smooth close. If ever the situation arises that myself or someone I know is in need of a good agent, I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie for the job.
Sincerely, Marc Winans, Pinellas Park, Florida

Kelly Butler- St Petersburg FL January 2012
"I had the true pleasure of working with Debbie Jackson-Majko in 2011 on the sale of my home. Debbie was on of the most professional and hardworking realtors I have every come accross. She did everything that she could possible to market and sell my home and she did sell my home. Working with Debbie was the best experience I have ever had working with a realto. Debbie always kept in touch with me during the entire process to give me updates on anything that may be going on with the house from all appointments to all necessary paperwork for the complete sale. When I did not understand something Debbie took the time to explain everything to me in detail. Her service skills are top notch and it was wonderful to have someone keep in contact with me about everything that was going on with my home. I never felt like I was in the dark. Debbieis also a wonderful person and I felt very comfortable with her from the start of our relationship. I realize the great effort that goes into a sale of a home and I appreciate the true commitment that Debbie showed to me throughout the entire process. She is a very dedicated realtor and does not know what the word "give up" means. Debbie went above and beyond the call of duty. Debbie did an outstanding job as my realtor and I would highly recommend her to anyone. If I ever decide to buy or sell a home again, I would not work with anyone else by Debbie.

Kelly Butler - ST Peterburg, FL "

David & Rachel Stevens
Rachel and I wanted to write and thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into helping us achieve our dream of owning a home. You truly went above and beyond and wel feel we could not be where we are without your problem solving skills. This was one major step in our new lives together and once again we would like to say thanks.
David and Rachel Stevens
St. Petersburg, Florida

Brian and Betsey Bailey

Thank you so much for getting our house sold!! You worked so hard getting our house sold, with all your emails and contact and just staying in touch. We think you are just awesome and will recomend you to any of our friends and family.

Thank you again,

Betsey and Brian Bailey"

Carol Ionata

I am wriring this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and prefessionalism during the recent short sale of my condo. You made this difficult process so much easier to endure.

It was wonderful to know that an agebt who was highly skilled in her market and knowledgeable in the current economic situation, would be handling my transaction. You stayed in touch with me every step of the way. I knew you were on top of the situation from start to finish. Even during the crazy times!

You gave me advance warning before all my showings and great feedback afterwards. When we did get a contract, you were there with all the I's dotted and T's crossed. You never dropped the ball, and were in contact with me by email and phone throughout the entire process.

I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a top-notch realtor. Again, thank you for everything!!


Carol Ionata"

Kimberly & Michael Nicholson
"Debbie Jackson-Majko saved our family from financial ruin?

I would like to share with you (reader) a testimonial regarding the exceptional work ethic, support and professionalism that we received from our realtor Debbie Jackson-Majko during our most recent home sale. My family and I have bought and sold a number of homes and had the great fortune of being referred by two separate friends to Debbie. She successfully sold and helped us purchase a home a few years ago in Pinellas County. Unfortunately, our circumstances changed significantly over the course of the past four years and we found ourselves in an extreme financial hardship. After consulting with financial advisors, counselors and an attorney who saw no hope of recovery for us, I sent Debbie an email to see if there were any options that could help us sell our home in the current stressed market. Our home was the primary source of financial hardship for us and we believed that if we could successfully sell the house we could financially recover. Based on our recent purchase & 3 refinances, the other advisors found it doubtful that we could escape the burden of the house in the current market. Although the outstanding balance on our home far exceeded the now depreciated value, Debbie stepped up and offered to help. Over the course of a full year Debbie researched the real estate market, advised on how best to approach the listing and marketing of our home and coordinated with our 1st and 2nd mortgage companies to orchestrate a short sale process. She was tireless when encountering countless hurdles and pitfalls in the process. I have never met a more driven and thorough individual who was honest, forthright and loyal to our family. Debbie did more than simply ?list? or home, she gave our situation personalized attention and we never went a week without contact and updates. Each time it seemed that we had reached a breaking point and everything appeared hopeless, Debbie would rally, review our listing, take a new angle, attend continuing education and find a way to prevail. Not only did she educate herself, but she took the time to educate us as well giving us tasks to always increase the ability of our home sale to be a success with our financial dilemma. Keeping clean credit was of the utmost importance to us due to our line of work and our upcoming relocation and new jobs in a new State. In the end, Debbie prevailed and we were able to sell our home through a short sale process at over a $150,000 price reduction off the owed amount through the lender without ruining our credit. We have since moved out of State and have begun our new life. We give credit to our ability to start again to Debbie, who stuck by us at great personal expense and time. Through this process she has become more than a realtor to us and we count her as a near and dear friend. My husband and I would recommend her to anyone in any capacity. A more dedicated hard-working realtor will not be found. During our time as her clients we have had the opportunity to refer her to friends who have received the same level of care and professionalism that she granted to us. Her attention to detail and work ethic are beyond reproach. It is an honor to have worked with her and our family wishes her well in her future on both a professional and personal level.

Kimberly and Michael Nicholson

Kim Stafford
"Debbie Jackson-Majko is a true professional. She goes above and beyond the traditional realtor. Her caring and genuine demeanor is certainly an asset to both the seller and the buyer. I have had the pleasure of Mrs. Jackson-Majko's representation as both a seller and as a buyer. The sale of my last home definitely had its "hiccups" and Debbie was able to work through each issue without missing a beat! I would highly recommend Debbie, regardless of your real estate situation. She is committed to finding an amicable solution, even in our current economic environment. Her knowledge and expertise far exceeds her competitors.

Kimberly Stafford

Brenton & Lila Ross

Just wanted to write to say "thank you" for all that you did for us. You really did an outstanding job, and we couldn't have put all this together without your help. It was very easy to work with you, and you were always friendly. You always patiently answered our (many) questions, especially about the tax and insurance issues, and carefully explained everything so we could easily understand - which was important to us as first time buyers. You were ALWAYS available to take our calls, and you did an awesome job with negotiations over the price, repairs and other issues that came up during the negotiations. I would, and certainly will, recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a home in the future.

Brenton Ross

Christina Williams
"Deb, I'd like to thank you for taking the time and effort to help make this contract go through. There have been several challenges that had to be overcome. The first began at the inspection where a wire connection was not within code. Rather than have it become a huge issue, you stepped in and resolved it by using resources at hand. There were issues with the way the bank misadvised their clients on the disclosure of information. You were there again to help deflect the impact that could have otherwise caused a withdrawal of a contract. You had them hang in there and you were up-front with the both parties on all matters; very refreshing and very difficult to balance. We initially had a closing date of 11/17 but didn't actually complete the close until 12/11 due to funding institution's demands. So, it may take time but it's well worth it. Let me suffice it to say that Debbie is a consumate professional who takes pride in the care of her clients, keeps them informed and works for their best interest. It has been a pleasure working with Debbie and I whole-heartedly recommend her for your real estate transaction. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciate I have for Debbie. I felt I had a 'friend' in my corner! She definitely lives up to the name "action" Jackson Warm regards, Christina Williams"

Kim & Bobby Stafford
"Dear Debbie:

My husband and I would like to thank you for your services reagarding the selling of our home and the buying of a new home. Your knowledge and professional demeanor was certainly valued. We are extremely grateful for the manner in which our home was shown. You always made certain all showings were done with as little inconvenience to our family as possible.
Having four children and trying to sell a home and buy a new home do not particularly go well together, however, with your suport both transactions went significantly well. Once our home was sold, there was obviously quite a bit of pressure placed upon us. You were quite "in tune" with not only the needs of our large family, but also our desires. The homes that you chose to have us view were right on target.

Kim & Bobby Stafford
Seminole, Florida

Kathy Droggitis
"Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to write and thank you on how much I appreciate all of the work you did on selling my house. We started out not having a real estate agent and found that we got nowhere. Then one day I saw a sign with Debbie (Action) Jackson written on it and thought yea right I have heard that before. But I thought that if she had the Nerve to put that on her sign then she deserved a chance to sell my house.
Debbie anybody that hires you to sell their house is getting the very best there is. I can tell you that my husband and I were not the easiest people to deal with but Debbie was always there to take charge and make sure that everything ran smooth. Even finding us another place to live when you were having a disaster of your own you always made sure that we came first. The very hardest part was getting down to the end when we would find a place that we wanted and didn't know if it was all right to go ahead with planning our move. I know that as many times we called you day and night that you were always on top of everything. Debbie again I want to Thank You for everything that you did to help us in selling and getting started in our new home. Not only were you our agent but you became a friend and was there to help us out with whatever we needed. I know that when I am ready to do this again that you will be the first person that I will call. I will recommend you to anybody that is interested in selling their place or looking for a new place to live to hire you to do the Job.

Kathy Droggitis

Darla- December 2011
"by the way you are one of my blessings this holiday season. Without your hard work and diligence we would have never even known about this program. You should be really proud of your work ethice an follow up with customers!! There are few and far of you to come by.

Seminole, FL

Steve and Mary Every
"Be advised that in late September early October of 2008 my wife?s uncle, husband of her mothers sister, Edward C. was hospitalized with his condition being diagnosis as being untreatable, that there existed the task of preparing for his passing. As a consequence, that in addition to other task we?d have to make arrangements to prepare for the sale of his personal property, primarily his home. Knowing that conditions would NOT allow us to travel to St. Petersburg, Florida to arrange for the sale of Edward?s property we were confronted with the task of identifying contacts in the area to assist us with this task.
After making inquire with Reality Company?s in the area we were eventually contacted by realtor Debbie ?Action? Jackson-Majko, GRI. Our initial contact with Debbie was by telephone. However, after initial contact through final closing and sale of the property all contact with Debbie was by e-mail. Despite this mode of contact and the geographic separation, it was evident that Debbie was a professional and that she was energized and willing to work ethically with our situation. She was forthcoming of her intent and plan-of-action for the sale of the house and disposal of its contents. She constantly kept us informed of her progress and was always quick to respond to our questions and concerns.
In conclusion, it is our belief that Debbie ?Action? Jackson-Majko did take into consideration our ethical concerns. That she did act in a professional manner that met with our desire to have her act in our best interest and resulting in the fiscally gainful sale of the Edward C. property.
From Iowa: Steven D. and Mary Ann Every

Simone and Mark Wemple
""I own my own business now for almost 20 years and I hardly ever came across somebody as hard working and dependable as Debbie. Buying and selling a house are stressful times and she was there for us 24/7. She went out of her way to show us properties, pull comparable sales, recommended neighborhoods and put endless miles on her car. During the whole time we worked with her she was always pleasant, had a good sense of humor and was able to gage the market realistically. She is a knowledgeable negotiator and saved us much more money, than her commission was. Debbie knows the industry extremely well and helped us find good contractors, home inspectors, etc. I can highly recommend her to anybody."

Mark and Simone Wemple
February 2010 "

Erin Walton

I am not sure where to begin because just saying thank you doesn't seem enough to express how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me and my family over the last two months. You not only became my realtor, you became a great friend to me during a very stressfull time in our lives. We listed our home with you on April 2, 2005 and we sold it and were moved into our new home in Atlanta on May 24, 2005. That is what I call the action jackson fast plan. You knew we had to move fast and you did everything you could to ensure that would happen, you never let us down during the whole process. I wish there were more realtors like you with hearts the size of yours. If you ever have someone considering you as their agent and they just arent sure, have them call or write me. They would be at a total loss not to have you sell their home."

Erin Walton
Largo, Florida